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Hey everyone, it's Becki here writing my first proper blog post since I blogged about food a couple of years ago, don't worry this blog won't make you hungry but I hope it will make you excited!

Ok, so, I have launched my first ever pins, these gorgeous cuties you see before you and I'm very excited to talk about them. They've been in the works for a while and well you could say I've actually had this design in my head since college. I'm sad to say that however is a distant 10 year old memory for me now!

So, what is the Our Planet range?

- Firstly the range is all about sustainability and helping the planet in a cute design friendly way. All products will be either recycled or recyclable and completely eco friendly.

- Secondly, I wanted this range to actually help and so 20% of all profits from this range will be going to WWF UK to help aid efforts in conservation of the planet and the animals that inhabit it.. (yes that includes us).

- Thirdly, well as I've said, I've had this cartoon earth in my head for many a year and it was about time I brought her out!

What is in the range?

- Wooden Pins - Two designs of wooden pins which you can see above, I chose wooden pins as they use 20 to 24 times less energy to create than Enamel Pins and the wood is sourced from a well sustained and fast growing forest. Plus who doesn't love a pin for their pin board?

- Sticker Sheet - This sticker sheet which you can see below is made of recyclable sticker materials with 7 stickers in total of which all are waterproof (so an upgrade on my usual stickers). These look great on reusable water bottles and keep cups!

Why are they only on preorder?

- For one, pins are expensive so I sadly cannot fund these risk free at this time so a little investment from my lovely customers is needed.

- Two, frankly, to make sure you love them as much as I do! I would never launch a range with this expense without first checking my customers love them. You guys are after all what keeps me going and leaves me able to make my favourite cartoons.

Ok lastly for you, so I don't drive you away on my first blog here, I will go over the most important points for this range and I will leave you with the link to order...

- The prices are all lower for preorder, which means if you order now you will save money! The pins are £5 and will go up to £6, the Sticker Sheet is £4 and will go up to £5.

- If you buy both pins you will get two free stickers of those designs as an extra little thank you for ordering early and big.

- 20% of all profits from this range will go to WWF UK.

- All products are 100% eco friendly.

- There will be more products added to the range once the preorder is funded, so keep an eye out!

Thank you for staying with me on my first proper preorder adventure and a big thank you to those who have already ordered! With two weeks to go we have 5 pins remaining to get funded and 10 sticker sheets, we can do this :)

Shop the preorder HERE

Remember, be kind, smile and laugh, until next time...

Becki x

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